In early July we were asked whether we would be willing to host a pirate themed 60th birthday party on Snapper. Of course we accepted and decorated the boat with skull and crossbones bunting, balloons and banners in preparation. The ladies arrived in full costume and took on the theme brilliantly! People waiting for the town bridge to raise were treated to a fantastic rendition of pirates shanties and dancing! We then headed to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove for pictures and swimming before being treated to the best spread of food we’ve ever had on Snapper!

baloons and bunting for pirate birthday party
Snapper decorated with birthday balloons and bunting
skipper luke pettis pirate birthday party on snapper charters
Getting into the pirate spirit
singing at durdle door on snapper charters pirate birthday party
Singing sea shanties in pirate fancy dress!
pirate on snapper charters
Lots of fun on board
pirate birthday party snapper charters
Before the buffet!
swimming at lulworth cove off snapper
Swimming in Lulworth Cove

We finished the afternoon with a bit of fishing, which the ladies loved! In the short time we spent fishing we managed a variety of summer species including Pout, Mackerel, Red Gurnard and Grey Gurnard.

pirate fishing birthday party snapper charters
Pirate and parrot trying fishing for the first time!
lots of fun fishing on snapper charters birthday party
First time fishing.
pout fishing on the pirate birthday party
Lots of fun fishing

Following the success of our first themed party on Snapper Charters, we would be more than happy to have birthday parties on board in the future. If you would liked to have a children or adults birthday party at sea please get in contact!


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