Last year we were delighted to welcome Sir David Attenborough aboard our boat, Snapper Charters to film the opening scenes for an upcoming BBC project, ‘Attenborough and the Sea Monster’.

As keen wildlife enthusiasts and fans of his award-winning shows this was a huge career highlight and something we were very proud to be a part of.

We were initially approached by the production agency to see whether we could host a film crew and drone pilots on board our vessels. We have been involved with numerous commercial filming projects over the years, so we we’re more than happy to oblige. 

At this point the title and presenter was kept under wraps and we were only privy to the fact that the show would be documenting the history of the Jurassic Coast. In our initial meeting we took the production crew on a recce to find the perfect backdrop for their return visit later in the month.

We were excited to learn of Sir David Attenborough’s involvement in the programme, just before filming commenced.  Of course, the weather wasn’t playing ball on the day, so we had to adapt to the conditions so that everyone on board was comfortable. Sir David shot numerous pieces to camera, before we retreated to Weymouth Harbour. During his time onboard Sir David Attenborough filmed the opening segments and the drone pilots took lots of aerial footage. Sir David was as lovely as you can imagine and yes, his voice is just as iconic in real life! 

Filming with David Attenborough on Snapper Charters

Having watched the trailer we were delighted to see footage of the boat to help give the audience a sense of scale. Whilst we no longer have this specific boat (we now South Boat Catamaran), it was great to see Snapper Charters on TV and to have had national treasures onboard. 

snapper charters on bbc one with David Attenborough

david attenborough filming in weymouth

We had every intention of asking for a photo, but in all honesty, it didn’t feel appropriate to interrupt proceedings to ask. 

Overall, we were extremely pleased to have been a part of this project, which will the beautiful county of Dorset on the national stage!

You can watch Attenborough and the Sea Monster at 8pm New Years Day on BBC One