Weymouth has alway been renowned for flatfish fishing and this season is proving to be no exception. With the first neap tide coming around in April it was time to have a go for the Plaice. On the very first drift we were in and it hasn’t stopped since.

Flatfish Fishing

The Turbot and Brill fishing on the shambles bank hasn’t let us down either with plenty coming to the boat. There is a lot of small turbot being caught and released which is a sure sign for the future of the fishery.

Big brill caught on an inshore fishing trip on snapper charters
Best Brill of the year so far 10lb 3oz
brill fishing from weymouth harbour on snapper charters inshore fishing trip
Another cracking Brill just under 7lb
plaice on snapper charters weymouth
Fantastic Plaice in great condition
brill fishing on snapper charters inshore fishing trip
Bill with a Brill!
turbot landed on snapper charters from weymouth
Cracking Turbot for the Welsh boys on their annual flat fish trip

If you would like to book an inshore fishing trip targeting flat fish please give us a call. You can also drop us an email at luke@snapperweymouth.com.


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