the many beautiful beaches of alderney
The many beautiful coves and beaches of Alderney

In my time at sea i have been to Alderney more than 50 times, however I have never ventured further than the harbour and the main street. During my last trip the group decided at the time of booking that they wanted a day off from fishing to explore, which meant i finally got to see some more of the island!

exploring alderney with the anglers
Exploring Alderney with the anglers on our day off


We started our day walking down to the harbour and Braye Beach, before deciding to continue walking along the coastal path. Following the route around the island we had the opportunity to explore plenty of abandoned forts, which you could roam around unrestricted. We explored the underground tunnels, bunkers and trenches as well as climbing up towers. If you’re into history there is so much to see on Alderney, with sites dating back to the roman and victorian times as well as the second world war.

exploring forts in alderney
There are lots of abandoned forts to see on the island
walking through the trenches in alderney
Walking down the tunnels and trenches in Alderney

Spectacular Views

During our walk we saw some of the most spectacular views and found some of the hidden creaks and coves i have only ever seen from the sea. None of the group had ever seen water so clear, we wished we’d bought our wetsuits and snorkel and went for a swim! There was also an abundance of wildlife to see, with so many different species of birds and even a Blonde Hedgehog!

beautiful purple thrift flowers at Alderney beach
Flowers at one of the many beaches in Alderney
turquoise blue waters in alderney
The water at the beaches were turquoise and clear
a beautiful beach on alderney next to alderney lighthouse
Another of the beautiful beaches in Alderney.
alderney black and white lighthouse
Alderney Lighthouse
braye beach and alderney harbour
Braye Beach and Alderney harbour

Eating out in Alderney

Over the course of the week we sampled many of the pubs and restaurants on the island, all offering some great food. I even stayed ashore for the week with my girlfriend and finally got to experience some of Alderney’s great hospitality in the B&B. We stayed at Farm Court, which offered a fantastic breakfast and our anglers stayed at their usual Simerock guest house, who provided tasty packed lunches for the week!

If you would like to explore Alderney during one of the best fishing holidays the UK has to offer, please get in touch to book a Channel Islands fishing trip.


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