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Mark, with the first shark of the day a Porbeagle of around 40lb

In recent years there has been a significant increase in shark sightings off the coast of Weymouth and Portland. As a result, both myself and a group of my regular anglers have been wanting to give shark fishing a go for some time. Following a lot of research into tackle and techniques, Snapper Charters had its first shark fishing trip in September and it certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Out early to catch the last of the tide

On the first of our trips, we headed out with barrels of chum, homemade floats and a variety of rigs. We were fortunate to hook a number of sharks, however we were disappointed not to get one to the boat. Fast forward a couple of weeks and a few changes to the gear we were using, we set out again with the same group of lads. We had two destinations in mind, so left the harbour at 4.30am to catch the last of the tide. 

Shark fishing success!

After 4 hours of staring longingly at our floats we left our first spot and headed for the second. Here the tables turned and within minutes of our baits going down the ratchet was screaming with our first run. Having learned from our previous mistakes, the lads brought all the lines in to prevent tangles. Mark, tightened the drag and struck into the shark a number of times to ensure the hook was set. After a 15 minute fight we boated the shark where it was washed down, measured and carefully returned.

With a boat full of very happy customers, we re-baited the rods and tried our luck again. After a small wait and a number of Tope, our efforts were once again rewarded with another run which resulted in a Porbeagle of around 40-45lb. 

The second shark of the day, another Porbeagle weighing 40-45lb

We ended the day with a couple of monster squid and dates in the diary to try again next year! If you would like to give shark fishing a go from Weymouth please get in touch.


A couple of big squid to end our day!

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